About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

Eric Holt


I have spent my career learning what I need to know. My passion for technology started early. In sixth grade I got a Tandy 64 for Christmas and started writing color basic out of a book that came with it. I started combining various projects and creating things. I knew then I wanted to be a programmer. Life happens, and other opportunities were available, and I jumped on it. I spent 20 years of my professional career working in IT and customer support.

I finally took the leap and transitioned my career into software development. I went to a programming boot camp for C# backend development. I graduated and I have been working in software development since. I am happy with my choice and would not change it for the world.

Roskam Baking Company

Corporate Applications Developer

In my current role I work on a custom ERP solution. This application provides connections to AX and allows user-friendly access in order to reduce data entry errors. Additional features allows logistic communications with Truck Drivers to schedule, receive and pickup deliveries. I maintain and update a custom HR application that interfaces with Kronos and Paycor. Solutions used in this position include C#, MS SQL, MVC, ABP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Baudville Brands

Software Developer

In this position, I highlighted my abilities to take a project from start to finish. My responsibilities included maintaining and adding features to a custom ERP using MS Dynamics SL. Other items I worked on during my tenure include implementing eCommerce integrations and supporting internal systems. Skills used while in this position included HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, VB.net, MS SQL, Asp .Net Webforms, Azure DevOps, and Logic Apps.


Software Engineer Level 3

This was my first chance to work as a software engineer. We provided integrations for various software packages which would gather metrics and/or logs and push them to Google, AWS, or Azure. I was able to use my experience in customer support. I successfully assisted customers with any issues. If any fixes for issues were required in the software, I would implement the changes. Technologies used while in this position included Java, Go, Typescript, Kubernetes, and Various other integrations